Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Owl Ornament Round Up

Owls are one of my favorite animals, and I have started a little collection of owl ornaments for my Christmas tree, special thanks to my roommate, Lisa, who got me three adorable owl ornaments for my tree. Lucky for me, owls are all the rage right now, so I am seeing them everywhere. I plan on posting pictures of all of our Christmas decorations soon, but until then, here's a owl ornament round up of some cute owl ornaments I'd love to add to my tree.

Third row: Etsy & Etsy

Want more owls? Check out My Owl Barn's owl calendar that you can print for free. You can also customize it by choosing your 12 favorite owl images and what month they go with.
Owl Lover 2013 Calendar


Rachel Beyer said...

I love the bottom middle one with the lace wings!

Whitney said...

Me too! And on the back there's this sweet little lace heart.